Call for Submissions for J-PSE No. 2

  1. The Journal of Protecting the Spiritual Environment, published by the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts invites scholars to submit original academic papers presenting both theoretical and empirical research in the field of humanities and social sciences which take an interdisciplinary approach and engage with the concept of Protecting the Spiritual Environment.
  2. The Journal is published annually in September of each year.
  3. The Journal is a peer-reviewed journal and reserves the right to edit manuscripts for content and style.
  4. Contributions should be written in Chinese or English. Chinese articles should be 10,000 to 30,000 characters long; those written in English should be 8,000 to 15,000 words long. Please include the following in both Chinese and English: article title, a 500 word abstract, two to five keywords and references. For details, please refer to the Style Guide.
  5. When sending your manuscripts, please include the Submission Information Form and the Copyright License Agreement along with a complete copy of the paper (in Word and PDF format). For the forms and e-mail address of the Journal, please see the contact information below.
  6. The Journal does not accept manuscripts which have been published previously. Contributors should guarantee that the publishing and the granting of the copyright of texts submitted to the Journal does not violate Copyright Law, Publication Law, or other related laws and decrees. If the contributor violates the aforementioned terms, the legal liability lies entirely with the contributor, not the Journal.
  7. For the purposes of publication, the Journal is required to collect the personal names of the contributor, titles, institutional affiliations, contact addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., in order to manage the Journal and maintain necessary contact during the publication period. Contributors may request to review, supplement, and correct the information given previously, request a copy, or request the end of any further collecting, processing, or utilization of the information, and request the deletion of personal data.
  8. If a submission is accepted by the Journal, the author hereby grants a non-exclusive license to the Journal to:

    (1) Publish the article in paper or digital format.

    (2) Create digital archives, reproduce, transmit publicly on the Internet, or authorize users to download, print, or browse the article.

    (3) Grant the National Central Library or other database providers a sublicense to collect the articles in its database for the purpose of service provision.

    (4) Change the format of the articles to meet the system requirement of each database.

  9. Journal contact information:
    Tel: (+886-2) 2498-0707 ext. 5303
    Address: Scholarly Publishing Section, Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, No. 700, Fagu Rd., Jinshan Dist. New Taipei City 20842, Taiwan, R.O.C.